Setting up Tableau on Azure

By Brent Pearson

Tableau runs perfectly well on Windows Azure. Here are the steps necessary to set it up.
  1. Create Azure Account Free Trial
  2. Login to new Azure account
  3. Select Quick Create from the menu
  4. Azure Screenshot 1
  5. Pick a DNS name for your server <xxx> and select Windows Server 2012 R2 Data Center for the Image and Small for the Size. You can change this later if you need more processing power.Fill in the remaining fields.
  6. Once the Virtual Machine is ready, click on the instance name to manage it. Click the Connect button at the bottom of the screen.This will download a config file which specifies the parameters for a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)
  7. Log into your new virtual server with the credentials from step 5.
  8. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to to download the Chrome browser (or get Firefox if you prefer). Browsing in IE on a server is very difficult.
  9. Download Tabeau Server and follow directions for installation.
    NOTE: Azure does not offer a configuration that exactly matches the minimum Tableau specs of 2 Cores and 4G RAM. In order to get 4G RAM, it requires 4 cores. The Small Azure configuration is suitable for initial setup, your specific size requirements will depend on your reporting needs.
  10. The default settings for Tableau Server Configuration are acceptable. Make any changes if necessary.

Azure Tableau screenshot 2

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